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80% of passengers on any given trans-pacific flight (USA to China Flight) is paying more than the rest of 20% passengers. Being in the airline distribution technology space and being Asia/China flights focused gives us the privilege to negotiate directly with airlines to get cheapest price of their inventory (seats) for connecting the airlines to our audience who frequently fly in between China and USA. This is what’s called a consolidated fare or bulk fare, which is generally secretive and never made publicly available on line. At airtochina.us we will  reveal those secretes and help you be the 20% at all time.

Tips to get best deals of US-China flight tickets

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    There are some dates of the year where there is simply higher demand. For example, summer vacation, when a lot of students will fly from USA to China (and even more when they want to go to the same destination or area like Beijing or Shanghai), airlines will set their prices at a higher level. Christmas, late Aug. when everybody returns to school, just to name a few, are the busiest times. Sometimes though, the reason for expensive flights doesn’t seem obvious at first. Imagine you want to spend your vacation in Beijing and your desired travel dates coincide with a traditional holiday (Chinese New Year)there. Many Chinese living in the US wish to see their families and prices will rise because of higher demand. In US-China flight market, Airlines divide a year into Low season(Feb.-Apr.Oct-Nov), Shoulder season(Mid Apr.-Mid May., Early Sep.-Late Nov), Peak season(Mid May.-Early Sep., Dec-Jan). You should try to avoid any of your departure or return China bound or US Bound flight falls into peak season if you are flexible with your dates.
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    Advance booking window

    Be an early bird. 3-4 months early booking makes your job much easier with more options from both US and Chinese carriers. At this stage it is still a buyer market, airlines are competing to get that flight loaded to break even rate. Last min booking will be considered as business travelers who are time sensitive and have the budget to pay more.While you might expect the airlines to lower their prices for a flight from New York to Beijing a few days before the departure day to occupy the last seats, the opposite is true: Selling 20% of the remaining seats for $1,500 is more profitable than selling half of them for the regular fare of $550. Remember, the house always wins.
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    Cheaper Dates and Time

    Prices change due to seat availability and demand. Discounted booking class and promotional fare are popular and go fast, the cheaper booking classes might be sold out even if there’s still 3 months before you leave, certainly it is not guaranteed available on any given date.  If the expected dates are pricy, try different combination of departure and return dates, cheaper class might be just in the next day or two. If you are not willing to pay weekend(Fri. Sat./Sun) surcharge, weekday flight is your option.
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    Gateway cities will have more promotions to second or third tier cities. As US carriers, like UA or AA or Delta, they might have limited access to inland cities like Wuhan, Changsha, Shenyang or even Shenzhen, versus China airlines also have the same limitation to carry you to Boston, Miami, or Dallas. Knowing gateway tanspacific flight price is like knowing your bill before tax and tips. Try alternative gateway cities(New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong) at least from one end(either departure or arrival) will dramatically decrease your bill.
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    Direct or Indirect flight

    Obviously direct flight to China is faster(still 12 hours at least), but pricy compared to transfer flight. About 30% of the China inbound travelers from the US choose to transfer in Tokyo(NRT) or Seoul(ICN), others may choose transfer in US or Canada as alternative. I will reveal some free visa stop over in Japan and Korea advantage in the VISA section.


Be a smart international trout!

80% of passengers on any given trans-pacific flight (USA to China Flight) is paying more than the rest of 20% passengers. Being in the airline distribution technology space gives me the privilege to setup airtochina.us, to  reveal the secretes and help you be the 20% at all time.    

Our team

Jessica Stone

Jessica has 5+ years in the airline industry after graduating from Penn. She is in charge.

Emma Priston

Emma works as international coordinator, also known as our ambassador to international student office. Emma helps.

Our advantages
  • Team of know how

    Marketing and distribution pros at the back end
  • Transpacific focused

    Specialized in the long haul and international market.
  • Exclusive airline networks

    Exclusive consolidator discounted tickets provided by more than 20 airlines.
I couldn’t believe such a good deal exists when I first used airtochina.us, best deal guaranteed, ever!

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