China Southern Airlines From San Francisco Flight to Beijing, Kunming, Chengdu, Shanghai and more

CZ Flight to China, Beijing Shanghai Kunming Wuhan Xiamen   China Southern Airlines    FLASH SALE Departure from SFO   SFO via CZ660/CZ659 to CTU/SHA/BJS/KMG/XMN/KWE   Flight: CZ online flights only Inbound: Mar15/17/22/24/31, Apr19/21, May3/5/10/19, Ticket date: Until Feb 20, 2016 Fare amount: 573.46 tax included (and up), San Francisco to Beijing, San Francisco to Beijing, San Francisco to Shanghai, San Francisco to  Kunming,  San Francisco to Xiamen,  San Francisco to Chengdu,  San Francisco to Wuhan, San Francisco to Guiyang

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