Book MU tickets to Shanghai that Include Free complimentary WiFi on Flight to Shanghai!

free wifi for usa to shanghai flight china eastern

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Friendly Reminder
1. From now on, passengers will be entitled to the 258 yuan-worth of free experience of the inflight Wi-Fi service on China Eastern Airlines flights (see the table below for flights available for the service) if they have successfully purchased the air tickets for those flights. You can apply for the free trial on the official website of China Eastern Airlines .
Flight with free WIFI
Domestic or International Opened or not Flight Full List or Part
Domestic flights Opened Shanghai-Kunming-Shanghai FM9451/FM9452
Shanghai-Sanya-Shanghai MU591/MU592
Shanghai-Chongqing-Shanghai FM9423/FM9424
Shanghai-Guangzhou-Shanghai FM9313/FM9314
Beijing-Guangzhou-Beijing MU5181/MU5182
Beijing-Shanghai-Beijing MU5104/MU5111
Beijing-Hangzhou-Beijing MU5147/MU5148
International flights Opened Shanghai-New York-Shanghai Full list
Shanghai-Los Angeles-Shanghai Full list
Shanghai-Toronto-Shanghai Full list
Shanghai-Chicago-Shanghai Full list
2、The complimentary Wi-Fi trail service is on the first come first served basis. So please hurry up as this complimentary experience is for the travel within 30 days and up to 50 passengers per flight.
3、Subject offer may be unavailable in case of some unforeseen circumstances such as maintenance issues or system upgrades. Please check for the most updated information prior to your booked flights on trans-pacific route.
4、On board WIFI is available to wireless-enabled facilities, such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones. With the capability of browsing the Internet, instant communication and e-mail services (no voice call service is provided yet).
5、The inflight Wi-Fi service is in the test phase. In case of interim adjustment in flights, equipment maintenance, system upgrading, etc, the Internet service may be interrupted for a while. Thank you for your understanding.

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